Sparta Bold - 2 Watch Winder (Orbita)

Sparta Bold - 2 Watch Winder (Orbita)
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Product Description

A basic necessity, these entry-level winders are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for use in safes without the need for a plug-in adapter. Equipped with Orbita long-lived lithium D cell batteries operating on the normal ten-minute winding cycle, the batteries will last for many years without the need for replacement. Even longer life may be accomplished by using the 15-minute or extended-winding cycle, which is easily selected using the toggle switch located behind the mounting cup. The Sparta is available in stylish black or brown grained faux leather.

  • Dimensions: 4.20 x 9.50 x 5.80 inches
  • Brown faux leather
  • Winds two (2) automatic watches
  • Two programs: 10-minute (standard) and 15-minute (extended)
  • Extended program lengthens battery life (ideal for bi-directional watches)
  • Guaranteed five-year battery life (lithium batteries included)
  • Easy access to watch cushion
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding or damage to delicate surfaces

  • Unlike other watch winders that rotate watches, an Orbita Sparta winder will uniquely swing your watch to provide a motion more closely resembling that of wearing it on your wrist.Orbita Sparta Winder

    At the heart of each Sparta is a ROTORWIND¨ winding unit. The oscillating winding action of the ROTORWIND winder is self-regulating, with no risk of over-winding an expensive, automatic watch. A semi-circular rotor, attached to the back of the mounting cup, is the ŇheartÓ of the patented ROTORWIND system (click here for additional information). Made from a dense, non-magnetic iron material, it is supported by two free-turning precision ball bearings, thus enabling the heavy mass of the rotor to produce the back-and-forth motion when the cup is raised and then released from the 12 o'clock position.

    All battery-operated ROTORWIND winders are fitted with high-energy, factory-installed, lithium batteries that are designed to provide a minimum five-year battery life. In addition, each Sparta winder features a two-year product guarantee.